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Discussions Matter is HERE!

“Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement” is a Guide and Workbook for Law Enforcement Officials Committed to Changing the Status Quo.  The Workbook is divided into 5 Topics designed to engage members of Police agencies in discussions that matter, toward impacting positive change.  Discussions occur during small group meetings, preceded by review of content which includes such areas of focus as: implicit & explicit bias, police legitimacy, procedural fairness, values based performance, community engagement and more. Discussions are facilitated by a law enforcement leader or member of your human resources or training department.  A Facilitator Guide supports successful engagement, as well as templates and resources to help develop and sustain positive change in relationships, performance and behaviors. A Discussions Matter Community Companion […]

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Continuous Improvement

You will notice a change in the look and feel of the Discussions Matter website.  I continue to update and upgrade for the present and future, but the past content remains the same and is always available for reflection!  Continuous improvement is important in our everyday lives.  While we’d like to stay in our comfort zones and do what we’ve always done, the way we’ve always done it, if we change nothing…nothing changes. Speaking of continuous improvement…are you providing your Members with resources to ensure they are continuing to grow personally and professionally?  This is one intent of the Discussions Matter venue – to provide tools and resources that facilitate dialogue among law enforcement officers, developing various areas of awareness […]

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We all need bifocals!!

Admittedly, I am a frequent social media browser.  This has both pros and cons.  The pro is that I read and view content that informs and helps build knowledge.  The cons are many…including the fact that so many individuals are operating with a single lens prescription when they need bifocals. In other words, there are people who can only see […]

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Discussions Matter is a Proud Sponsor of IADLEST!

I am SO PROUD to support the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards & Training (IADLEST) 2017 conference May 21-24, 2017! If you attend, look for Discussions Matter information in your bag! All attending, have a great conference and valuable discussions, because DISCUSSIONS MATTER!  

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Are you too busy “DOING”?

Oftentimes, we are so busy “doing”, that we neglect discussions that could improve our effectiveness in WHAT we are doing. Unfortunately, this results in reactive actions, versus taking the time to invest in improvement before issues occur. Discussions Matter training is a preventive solution – think of annual visits to your physician. It’s important that you take care of your health before symptoms arise, right? It’s also important to engage in important discussions before you are faced with making difficult decisions. Discussions are only beneficial if they breed positive outcomes; that is why there are Discussions Matter tools and resources designed to move discussions to action. One Topic in Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement, engages members in a dialogue focused […]

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Discussions Matter Elevator Speech

I recently ran a t-shirt promotion, and several of my supporters participated by purchasing a shirt or two!  I am thankful to know that others will be exposed to Discussions Matter as they see the t-shirt and inquire with the wearer, “what is Discussions Matter”?  If you are approached by someone asking that question, I want to make sure you are prepared to speak in ‘elevator‘ terms. You’ve probably heard the phrase “elevator speech” in the past.  This means that you spend about 30 seconds, or less, informing a person or group about a particular topic.  30 seconds is proposed as the time it may take to ride an elevator from the bottom to the top of a building.  Think […]

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Leadership is about relationships

Leadership is about Relationships, not Authority – is a repetitive theme in my Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement Guide & Workbook.  But what does that mean?  The foundation of leadership – in any occupation – is establishing and building relationships that lead to trust and desired followership behaviors.  Those relationships are developed with communities in advance of calls to action. […]

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YOU ARE INVITED! Join me for an Introduction to Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement!

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the NEW Discussions Matter workbook, facilitator guide and resources, designed to support law enforcement in strengthening: 1) self-awareness; 2) community awareness; 3) agency awareness; 4) relationship awareness and 5) change agility.  I will share how you can leverage this training to engage agency members in discussions, why this approach differentiates itself from traditional training, and describe situational application that can be used for continuous development purposes.  The target audience for this meeting are: Law enforcement Academic institutions interested in offering Discussions Matter Police Academies or other Law Enforcement educators Community members interested in hearing more about Discussions Matter To register to attend one of 5 FREE events, CLICK on this LINK  

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Orlando’s Finest!

When I travel, I always welcome the opportunity to interact with the city’s law enforcement officers.  This past week, I ran into Orlando’s finest while shopping at an outlet.  We had good conversation, they treated my daughter and I with respect, and joked with one another, engaging us in the humor.  They expressed interest in Discussions Matter, and asked for my […]

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Washington D.C.

Visiting D.C.! The African American and Holocaust Museums, the Newseum, the walk around the mall, was all well worth the trip! Loved seeing Secret Service around the White House – Protecting and Serving with dedication and commitment! They can’t pose for pictures but permitted me to take them. Did I mention how proud I am of them and ALL who serve?! I felt like a little kid approaching them! So much respect ❤.  Discussions Matter is in print mode! Coming sooner than later!