About The Talent Enthusiast

Robynne Sherrill is The Talent Enthusiast! A certified John Maxwell Team Member, certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner, and author, with 25+ years of proven experience in talent leadership across Fortune 500 global organizations and private industry. Her genuine passion for helping people and organizations maximize strengths and capabilities is cultivated by her own exposure to a variety of experiences, which include both successes and failures. She is highly adept in leading and developing talent, aligning talent strategy to business strategy.

She is an optimistic realist, operating from a place of transparency and humility.

Her authenticity related to career growth, derailment, leadership, sponsorship, perception management, change management, inclusion, self-awareness, relationship building, mentoring, coaching, and organizational culture, is steeped in experience, application, growth and learning.

The Talent Enthusiast is excited to serve you, without judgement, and with the goal of enabling YOUR success.

What People Say

Smart, passionate for people, and humble: that is Robynne as a leader.

VP of Marketing | Colleague

Robynne worked with us on high level strategic goals as well as granular tactical objectives. Strong visioning skills, She is fantastic! A true professional and pleasure to work with!

Human Resources Leader | Client

A passionate, results-based leader and mentor. She continuously strives to identify opportunities and implement solutions that will stretch capabilities and deliver better results; a fearless leader.

Human Resources Leader | Direct Report

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