Law Enforcement Research


I completed my dissertation research in 2015, which began in 2009.  My dissertation Topic is An Exploration of the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Courageous Followership Behaviors in Law Enforcement.  My published dissertation can be accessed HERE.

Abstract:  This study explored the relationship between transformational leadership and courageous followership behaviors in law enforcement, to determine if those assessing themselves as transformational leaders also assessed themselves as courageous followers. This relationship was explored using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and The Follower Profile self assessment instruments, completed by 148 law enforcement leaders in the state of Ohio. The rationale for selecting law enforcement leaders for this study is that leadership and followership behaviors in this field have a significant cascading impact (on those serving, their families, those served, communities, extended law enforcement agencies, etc.). This study provided research to support leadership and followership development in law enforcement and contributed to academic research related to the leader-follower relationship. The study demonstrated an overall positive relationship between transformational leadership and courageous followership behaviors as self-assessed by law enforcement leaders in the state of Ohio.

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