DISCUSSIONS MATTER isn’t new. In fact, those pictured – Asian, Hispanic, Black, White, Bi-racial, have supported DISCUSSIONS MATTER for several years. Discussions have always mattered. And every day, they matter more. It’s a universal fact. What can we do to begin breaking the chains of racism? We can start by TALKING about it, LISTENING to each other, LEARNING, and ENGAGING in DISCUSSIONS with the INTENT to challenge the status quo and crack the foundation of racism that hurts, steals, kills and destroys EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in its path. Start the discussion. Ask the hard questions. Admit the difficult truths. Bridge the gaps. Stand firm on the foundation while it cracks. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to happen overnight, it’s not even going to happen over the next decade, but it’s going to be worth every crack!

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