The Talent Enthusiast: Supporting work-life experiences & career transitions

Discussions Matter is expanding to a focus on all things talent! My name is Dr. Robynne Sherrill, and my 25+ years experience as a talent leader across Fortune 500 organizations and private industry, and the fact that I have extremely talented and genuine people in my network, fuels my passion for coaching, mentoring, and helping others through career transitions. What is a career transition? I’m glad you asked!

  • Stepping in: identifying potential career paths & planning for future success.
  • Stepping through: successfully navigating within a career path.
  • Stepping up: moving from one career path to something new.
  • Stepping out: leaving a career to start another or transferring skills to an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Stepping aside: considering a sabbatical to return to school, become a caretaker, or other purpose for career pausing.

We are all experiencing a career transition.

One thing is for certain. We are all experiencing transitions, however the bridge we’re crossing differentiates the experience. I am excited to engage in discussions and hear about your personal bridge!! Stay tuned for GO-LIVE discussions. Follow me @talententhusiast on Instagram, and Follow http://www.discussionsmatter.com for updates!

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