Sadness in the silence…

Tragedy has reared its ugly head once again in these United States of America. El Paso, Texas. Dayton, Ohio. Monday comes, and everyone returns to their regularly scheduled program, attending scheduled meetings, working toward important deadlines, re-focusing on critical success factors, initiatives and projects. The exchanges between people of, “did you hear”?; “so sad”; “I can’t believe it”, occur out loud…but organizational leaders…be aware…THERE IS SADNESS IN THE SILENCE.

Social media is steaming with reactions to both incidents, and the content is unfiltered and filled with emotion, anger, sorrow, distress, and some alarming and deliberately intimidating…expressed by real people…who return to work on Monday.

Create safe spaces for discussions. Acknowledge the silence. Express care.

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  1. dorianwrites – I'm a citizen, a city worker, a caring participant in the rebuilding of Detroit's moral and physical fiber. I'm a believer.
    dorianwrites says:

    Righteous commentary.

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