Seek Your Best Life


The search for the right opportunity, after experiencing a misaligned opportunity, can be daunting, but also an exciting season.

After 25+ years of a progressive and fruitful HR career, I find myself seeking with patient ambition.  This is not a season of ‘find a job’; this is a season of finding my next best life, which clearly takes more time, energy, networking, and researching, than the former. 

Landing in the right organizational culture, best role fit, and a place where I can experience my best life, with passionate and authentic people focused on getting stuff done (results), transcends all other aspects of my search. 

Fellow seekers – as you are considering your next move, remember to search for YOUR best life, defining that for yourself, and not settling for less, because #YOLO (you only live once).  Search with patient ambition and faith in possibilities.  I personally wish you the very best of what is to come!

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