Implicit Bias: A Silent Culture Killer


Today.  In your organization.  Some people could be spending 8 hours of their day conforming to a version of themselves to identify in your environment. 

They are code switching, metamorphosizing, and adapting, to “fit” the definition of what is considered cultural normalcy at your organization.  This is stealing their ability to bring you the best of who they are, and possibly directly impacting mental and physical health. 

Why would anyone spend that kind of exhaustive energy?  And who asked them to conform?  We embrace diversity, so not sure where that perception is coming from. We have low turnover, so must not be true.  Who is feeling this way?

Those are not the right questions…implicit bias is unintentional and often buried so deeply that it can enculturate and infiltrate. 

Check culture bias…one discussion at a time #discussionsmatter.

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