The Power of ONE

ONE  It only takes ONE individual, making ONE decision, at ONE organization, to risk the reputation of the entire brand.  ONE incident at ONE restaurant (Details), initiated by ONE employee, creates negative publicity for the owning organization and all restaurants under the same umbrella.  ONE agency member, making ONE decision, from ONE precinct, can risk the reputation of an entire profession (Details).

There is POWER in ONE.

Protect your brand.  It only takes ONE.

Educate.  Train.   Check biases.  Discuss them.  Provide safe spaces for transparency.  Own unintended outcomes.  Learn from them.  Teach others.  Engage in Discussions that matter to mitigate future risks.

Discussions Matter is a proactive, not reactive, approach to structuring this engagement.  It is not designed as a ‘fix’, but as a support resource for facilitating discussions.

Be safe out there!

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