We all need bifocals!!

when-do-i-need-bifocals-300x180Admittedly, I am a frequent social media browser.  This has both pros and cons.  The pro is that I read and view content that informs and helps build knowledge.  The cons are many…including the fact that so many individuals are operating with a single lens prescription when they need bifocals.

In other words, there are people who can only see what they choose, and their vision is blurred to those items that conflict with the perspective they have chosen.  During the holiday weekend, I had an opportunity to share Discussions Matter, the focus and purpose.  The focus is law enforcement.  The purpose is to provide law enforcement with a structured approach to engaging in discussions that build: self awareness, agency awareness, community awareness, relationship awareness and change agility.  This training is designed to support changing the status quo.  There’s my elevator speech.

One response: “What’s in this book about how police officers are killing Black men without cause?”…ummmm, first, I didn’t elude to the focus or purpose being in this context, so where does this question come from?  My response: “There is nothing in Discussions Matter about this topic, but what gives you the impression that ALL actions have been ‘without cause’?”  As you can imagine, this turned into a lengthy dialogue with someone with a single lens prescription, with no interest in investing in bifocals.

I’ve also responded to social media implications that LEOs who have made bad decisions resulting in the loss of life, should be praised no matter what the situation; and that they should consider a person of color guilty and harmful without cause.  Seeing some of the responses send me spiraling down a series of exchanges (because I can’t help wanting everyone to have bifocals) that either end in parties agreeing to change their lens or (more often), damaging and hurtful comments being slung around like freedom of speech has no borders.

Before you open your mouth to make a blanket statement, no matter what ‘side’ you choose, put on your bifocals.  There is always more than one way to view a situation. Your perspective is not the only perspective, and guess what? It’s not always the right perspective (surprise).  Listen to Learn.  Learn to Listen.  Discussions Matter!

Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement:  A Guide and Workbook for Law Enforcement Officials Committed to Changing the Status Quo.  If you are committed, and have more than one lens – this is for you.  If you are unwilling to consider bifocals…you may want to reconsider.  www.discussionsmatter.com.

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