Are you too busy “DOING”?

cropped-discussions.jpgOftentimes, we are so busy “doing”, that we neglect discussions that could improve our effectiveness in WHAT we are doing. Unfortunately, this results in reactive actions, versus taking the time to invest in improvement before issues occur. Discussions Matter training is a preventive solution – think of annual visits to your physician. It’s important that you take care of your health before symptoms arise, right? It’s also important to engage in important discussions before you are faced with making difficult decisions. Discussions are only beneficial if they breed positive outcomes; that is why there are Discussions Matter tools and resources designed to move discussions to action.

One Topic in Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement, engages members in a dialogue focused on Demonstrating Values-Based Performance. The first question is, what does that mean? And that’s where it starts! How can I demonstrate performance without very clear expectations? What are your agency’s values and do you have any challenges attempting to align your performance with those expectations? Perhaps the response is a resounding yes, perhaps it is a collective no, OR maybe there are conflicting responses. Without being in a room, with your peers, having the discussion, who knows? You align through understanding, and you understand through discussions. Not just ANY discussion – but those that result in action.

If you’re prepared to engage in Discussions that Matter, visit today for more information!

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