Discussions Matter Elevator Speech

tshirtI recently ran a t-shirt promotion, and several of my supporters participated by purchasing a shirt or two!  I am thankful to know that others will be exposed to Discussions Matter as they see the t-shirt and inquire with the wearer, “what is Discussions Matter”?  If you are approached by someone asking that question, I want to make sure you are prepared to speak in ‘elevator‘ terms.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “elevator speech” in the past.  This means that you spend about 30 seconds, or less, informing a person or group about a particular topic.  30 seconds is proposed as the time it may take to ride an elevator from the bottom to the top of a building.  Think about getting on the elevator with the President of the United States and you have to summarize all of your thoughts into 30 seconds…you need the elevator speech.  Have it ready…just in case ;-).

Allow me to help you with the Discussions Matter elevator speech!  It’s one that I’ve repeated many times while working on the Discussions Matter materials.

Inquirer:  Hey, cool shirt.  Discussions Matter. What does it mean?

Potential Elevator Speech:  Glad you asked! Discussions Matter is a process designed to engage law enforcement in discussions, that result in positive change for them and our communities being served.  Honestly, discussions matter regardless of the topic, right?  You can check out http://www.discussionsmatter.com for more information.  Thanks for asking! (exit elevator)

This exchange won’t necessarily occur on an elevator, but can be used in any situation. If you have less than 30 seconds, the quick response is: It means discussions matter to law enforcement and our communities.  Do you agree? Check out http://www.discussionsmatter.com.  

Thank you to those who already purchased shirts!  I will run another promotion this summer, and if you are attending the IACP Conference in Philadelphia, stop by my booth for an opportunity to pick up one!

To learn more about the Discussions Matter Guide & Workbook and training materials access this LINK.

Go forth and engage in Discussions that Matter!




5 Replies to “Discussions Matter Elevator Speech”

      1. Thank you! That would be fantastic!!

        Dr. Lorry Perez
        Los Angeles Police Department
        Training Division, In-Service Training
        1880 N. Academy Dr.
        Los Angeles, CA 90012


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