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March 6, 2017


YOU ARE INVITED! Join me for an Introduction to Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement!

by Robynne Sherrill

psThe purpose of this meeting is to introduce the NEW Discussions Matter workbook, facilitator guide and resources, designed to support law enforcement in strengthening: 1) self-awareness; 2) community awareness; 3) agency awareness; 4) relationship awareness and 5) change agility.  I will share how you can leverage this training to engage agency members in discussions, why this approach differentiates itself from traditional training, and describe situational application that can be used for continuous development purposes.  The target audience for this meeting are:

  • Law enforcement
  • Academic institutions interested in offering Discussions Matter
  • Police Academies or other Law Enforcement educators
  • Community members interested in hearing more about Discussions Matter

To register to attend one of 5 FREE events, CLICK on this LINK


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  1. Mar 6 2017

    Bravo, Dr. Sherrill! Relevant and timely. Seminal, even. Thumbs up!


    • Mar 6 2017

      Thank you very much!! I look forward to seeing impact from this contribution.



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