Orlando’s Finest!

When I travel, I always welcome the opportunity to interact with the city’s law enforcement officers.  This past week, I ran into Orlando’s finest while shopping at an outlet.  We had good conversation, they treated my daughter and I with respect, and joked with one another, engaging us in the humor.  They expressed interest in Discussions Matter, and asked for my business card, which I was happy to share.  I enjoy seeing the many modes of transportation that officers take to protect and serve – bikes, motorcycles, horses, automobiles, tanks, airplanes, etc.  We don’t all see them in the various modes, but they are out there – seeking to protect lives; because lives matter.

Officers were out in full force around the city of Orlando, and I’m sure we know why – they are on the lookout for the fugitive who murdered Master Sgt. Debra Clayton (R.I.P.).  Her funeral was held Friday, as so many mourned her senseless death.  It continues to grieve me to see the flurry of attacks on those who risk their lives daily, so that I can live mine in peace.

Be careful about stereotyping of any kind.  There are good people and bad people in all professions and citizenry.  Discussions Matter is developed for those who are committed to changing the status quo, with the intent to protect and serve.  When you find yourself referencing a group of individuals to define an action by one – check your bias.

I’m anxious to get Discussions Matter on the shelf!  The publishing process is more intense than I thought, so delayed in the process, but the product is complete.  I will continue to update you on progress.  In the meantime, share http://www.discussionsmatter.com with those who are ready for change.  Be safe out there!

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