It’s Almost Time!

Discussions Matter
is entering the final stages of the publishing process!  After a year of law enforcement learning, writing, re-writing, editing, developing, designing and hard work, I am anticipating the finished product.  My writing coaches, Lieutenant Roy Alston, PhD – who also wrote the foreword for my book, and best selling author, Ira Chaleff – who wrote the Postscript, have truly blessed me with their guidance and expertise.  I have learned so much from both of them on this writing journey and grateful for their support.

Discussions Matter is a workbook  designed to facilitate important and engaging discussions among those in law enforcement.  However, this Workbook has more relevance and should be of interest to:

  • Police Academies
  • Law Enforcement Associations
  • Colleges & Universities with Law Enforcement Curriculum
  • Community Associations Partnering with Law Enforcement
  • Individuals Seeking Broader Perspectives & Increased Awareness
  • Organizations Interested in Concept Application/Customization

I look forward to announcing the launch of Discussions Matter, and to working with interested parties toward implementation.  If you have interest in advanced notification, or would like to discuss implementing Discussions Matter, you may contact me at


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