Discussions Matter to All of Us

I am anxiously looking forward to publishing my book, Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement: A Guide & Workbook for Law Enforcement Officials Committed to Changing the Status Quo.  My editor and I are making exchanges, checking the content, and checking it twice, to make sure it is a value added contribution to Law Enforcement and all of their stakeholders.

Following the election, I’ve been thinking about my next publication.  I’ve never seen such blatant, explicit and unfiltered bias.  However, I do understand where it is coming from – a very deep, angry, fearful and hurtful place, with historical underpinnings.  Some are at a loss as to how to express these emotions and, instead of silence, thoughtful actions or participating in discussions that matter, those expressions are being revealed in the most unkind ways ever.

I’ve participated in Facebook exchanges with people who have completely removed filters and making statements that are only aimed at hurting one group or another.  The overt behaviors have no racial, age, gender or other limitations.  I’m seeing it across races, ages, genders and professions.  Some will ask “well, isn’t it better to know than to not know? aren’t you glad that people are showing who they really are?”  Not really.  We ALL have some kind of bias. NO ONE is excluded.  The difference is not in how we “feel”, but how we “behave”.  Feeling racist?  I’m not interested in changing how people “feel” – I’m interested in seeing people change how they BEHAVE.

My grandson is 1 year old.  Sometimes, when he doesn’t get his shutterstock_144900925way, he’ll have a tantrum. He doesn’t really know how else to express himself right now.  But for adults to have tantrums is beyond understanding . . . yes, that’s what I’m seeing – tantrums .

Want to see change? Be the change you want to see.  We can keep our feelings – they’re our own.  But if we want to see positive results, we have to demonstrate positive behaviors . . . which doesn’t always “feel” good – and you may not always get your way; but we’re too old for tantrums.  Have discussions. Lead discussions.  Discussions Matter.




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