Building a bridge over troubled waters

bridgeCan you imaging trying to build a bridge in the midst of a storm?  Mud sliding, blinded by rain, lightening striking, trees falling, foundation sinking because the ground is flooding; all the while, attempting to maintain a focus on building the bridge.  What are the odds? Do the odds matter? Is it about odds? Or is it about your passion, perseverance, determination, skills and ability to build the bridge in the midst of the storm?

During the past year, I’ve been working toward publishing Discussions Matter to Law Enforcement: A Workbook & Guide for Law Enforcement Officials Committed to Changing the Status Quo.  The title doesn’t look that long on the cover :).   During that time, I have been engaged in conversations with law enforcement, friends, family, coworkers, people who are supporting one cause or the other (not both); I’ve read, studied, written,  participated in heated debates, defended one cause or the other (both), and become consumed with an overwhelming desire to join the Bridge Builders…a club that stands in the gap, in the midst of the storm.  This is not an easy place to stand.  It is not easy to have dual lenses…but I do.  And it is not easy to remain objective…but I try.  We have a long way to go toward healing.  Discussions Matter.  Let the discussions begin…

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